Attorney Christopher Carson - Practitioner and Writer

Christopher Carson Attorney

As the owner of Carson Law Office in New Berlin, Wisconsin, attorney Christopher Carson focuses on representing those facing drunk driving, domestic violence, and drug-related charges, as well as those accused of white-collar crime. Christopher Carson serves as an attorney to these individuals not only in courts across Wisconsin, but also before the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.

Also adept at writing effective BOTH legal documents AND IN ORAL ARGUMENTATION, Mr. Carson'S ADVOCACY has RESULTED IN COUNTLESS FAVORABLE DECISIONS AND OUTCOMES FROM JUDGES, JURIES, AND OTHER ATTORNEYS. He also leverages his communication skills to ensure that his clients understand the impact of court decisions and to craft content that advocates for them in a variety of settings.

Mr. Carson further stands out as an accomplished writer of historical and current events analyses. His work appears in such publications as the New English Review, Front Page Magazine, and American Thinker, the latter of which has presented his thoughts on such topics as failed socialism in Greece and the driving forces behind the activities of the terrorist organization ISIS. He received his MA in national security studies from Georgetown University, JD from Marquette University Law School, and BA in English literature from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.